Jorge Calvo


Deputy Dean, GLOBIS University


Marketing and Strategy


Operation Strategy
Technovate for Future Enterprise
Research Project
Robotics and AI Business Innovation
Moonshot Transformation


PhD Management and Business Administration, Abat Oliba CEU Barcelona University
MS Advanced Studies Economics & Business, Faculty of Economics & Business Sciences, Abat Oliba CEU Barcelona University

Jorge Calvo


Dr. Calvo is an independent strategic advisor and professor with over thirty years of corporate experience as former Executive Officer at Roland DG Corporation Japan, President at Global SCM Division HQ, and President & CEO in EMEA. His experience spans the fields of global operations management, global supply chain management, organizational change development, and business strategy development within the digital manufacturing industry.

Beyond this, Dr. Calvo has been a visiting professor at ESADE Business School in Barcelona, a professor of global supply chain management at OBS Business School at Barcelona University, and a board director and member of the Japan Operations Management & Strategy Association. He is also a member of the Council of Supply Chain Professionals, Institute for Supply Chain Management at the Academy of Management. He is a keynote speaker on strategy, change, and leadership.

Under the new global paradigm of highly demanding customers, aggressive competitors, and uncertainty reigning in many territories, being top of the class in one or two core company functions is not enough. For any company pursuing global growth and leadership today, Industry 4.0 and operation strategy management have become key competitive advantages. Companies need highly skilled executives with a strategic mindset in operations who are able to develop digital business and operations.

The global environment that characterizes the business world has recognized the importance of developing strategies that go beyond a country’s geographic borders or traditional approaches. Today, it is common to see companies that develop a new product in Japan, manufacture it overseas, and market it in hundreds of countries through multichannel distribution. The world has become a “digital marketplace,” not only to sell but also to buy and build partnerships. Products are increasingly including more components from third parties and different sources. The strategic nature of operations and logistics has taken on a special relevance as the ultimate competitive differentiation supported by emerging technologies: IoT, AI, big data, smart sensors, autonomous robots, 3D printing, cloud computing, cyber security, extended reality, etc.

The integral management of operations and logistics is vital to the new business environment, which is characterized by competitiveness, globalization of the economy, digitalization, outsourcing, use of emerging technologies, and a demand for flexibility and risk management. All of this allows more rapid adaptation to continuous changes.

By joining our classes, you will learn leading methods, frameworks, and tools. Moreover, you will become familiar with how top-class companies develop operation strategies to maximize competitive value by both traditional and digitalized business models. You will get the managerial knowledge of operations and emerging technologies for strategic decisions with the goal to support growth and competitiveness. You will acquire a new strategic mindset, plus some of the most indispensable skills for your executive leadership or entrepreneurial career.

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