Client’s Stories

Participants' Voices

“I believe the program is very well structured providing all the essential information for a future leader, requesting the right effort in terms of involvement and commitment, including both group and individual works with moments of discussion, suggestions, sharings, giving to the participants global point of view and allowing the participants to think, predict, forecast, consider the future environment.”

Automotive Industry, U.K.
“I enjoyed all cases, but the takeaways from the Toyota case where we discussed Kokorozashi (one’s personal mission in life) was very useful to motivate my sales team as they were going through the difficult COVID-19 period. Mixed learning with GLOBIS Unlimited video microlearning was also helpful to understand the concepts.”

Trading Industry, Thailand
“I am very satisfied. This is because (1) all Action Learning team members were able to participate independently in the process. We are happy to have created this teamwork together. (2) I am satisfied that I was able to convey the concept, not the action necessary to ensure that "Create a psychologically safe space where everyone is connected to the people they work with, and everyone feels valued and like they contribute to meaningful work outcomes". I would like to believe that this feeling, concept was conveyed.”

Pharmaceutical Industry, Japan
“All lecturers were amazing and engaging, great job by all. Thank you for the inspiring week and lessons learned. Would highly recommend all lecturers for future courses at our company.”

Machinery Industry, South Africa
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