GLOBIS Corporate Training Programs

For over three decades GLOBIS has applied innovative methods to take corporate education to new levels. Our mission has always been to provide value through interactive learning models instead of traditional one-way theory-based lectures. As a leading corporate education provider, we develop and deliver customized programs that integrate case studies, action learning, business e-learning, market immersion and much more, while adapting to each organization's needs in a flexible manner.

Customized Training Programs

Personalized for Your Success

GLOBIS corporate education programs are always developed based on each client’s unique management issues, vision, strategy, philosophy and organizational culture. We are flexible, making adjustments to meet our client’s needs at every stage, which allows us to continually exceed expectations.

Skills and Mindset Development

Every program at GLOBIS is customized to overcome the client’s challenges and enable leaders to drive business growth, organizational development, and transformation. The process is a complex interplay of various aspects determined by the primary goal of each program. The first step involves creating opportunities for skills and mindset development.

Fundamental Business Knowledge

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Strategy & Marketing

Explore the fundamentals of strategy & marketing (customer needs, value propositions, market positioning, competitive advantage, customer journey, branding, etc.).

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Leadership & Human Resource Management

Lead members toward organizational goals that are aligned with strategy. Explore self-awareness, psychological safety, empowerment, change management, leadership to foster innovation, power and influence and many more.

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Financial Knowledge for Business

Discover the connection between accounting data, management strategies and business characteristics, and strengthen your decision-making skills based on financial knowledge.

Global Business and Management

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Global Perspectives

Explore macro environmental analysis, including dimensions of National and International Policies. Understand multiple perspectives on decision-making processes and dilemmas facing leaders at country, regional, and international levels.

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Cross Cultural Management, Diversity & Inclusion

Develop cross-cultural intelligence and build the mindset and skill-sets of competent leaders who appreciate and leverage diversity within the organizations they work in.

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Characteristics of Japanese and Asian Companies

Learn about the characteristics, history, culture, and institutions on management in Japanese and Asian companies. Discover the challenges and possibilities within Japanese management styles.

“Technovate”: Strategy & Innovation in a Digital Era

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Strategy in the Age of Digital Disruption

Understand the newest developments in the digital age, the progress of ICT, and how to leverage AI and IoT data when rethinking business strategies and leading digital transformation.

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Leading Business Model Innovation & Organizational Transformation

Learn strategic steps for leading business models and organizational transformation in a digital era.

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Design Thinking, Customer Experience and Creativity

Sharpen creativity by learning from examples of innovation that enhance customer experience based on people-centered concepts.

Philosophy & Values

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“Kokorozashi” (Personal Mission)

Strengthen mindset, and the “human skills” such as strong will and motivation, responsibility, accountability, and courage, to create a positive impact in society.

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Corporate Philosophy & Social Values

Learn how to leverage management philosophy when developing strategies that strengthen competitive advantage and fulfill roles and responsibilities corporations have towards society.

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Purpose-Driven Management

Explore the meaning of existence of companies and individuals to maximize the value created in order to innovate societies.

Critical and Analytical Skills

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Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

Understand your own biases, analyze information and identify effective ways for solving problems to make appropriate decisions and communicate effectively.

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Business Presentation

Learn to develop logical arguments, and make effective presentations in order to motivate listeners to engage with your presentation and take action.

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Facilitation and Negotiation

Learn how to structure and lead discussions effectively. Practice how to enhance the value achieved through negotiations.

Action Learning

Many leaders fully equipped with the necessary skills, knowledge, and mindset development still find it extremely challenging to transition to the next vision and develop and execute sound business strategies. At GLOBIS, we use and customize action learning, project work, and other methodologies to encourage leaders to experience the process of vision and business strategy development individually and in groups. These are seamlessly integrated with the skills and mindset development to homogenize the learning experience. 

For example: 

  • Management: New Vision Creation / Corporate transformation / M&A
  • Business Strategy: New Business Development / Global Business Expansion / Business Model Transformation
  • Organization: Organizational Development / Engagement / Corporate Values & Philosophy Penetration


GLOBIS understands the different levels of assessment such as performance evaluations, leadership development and reflection, and motivation strengthening. Our assessment methodologies (those developed internally and others provided in collaboration with our partners) are selected and applied primarily for leadership development and reflection. These include 360 degree assessment, PXD process observation and so on. 

For a wide range of assesment tools, we are collaborating with the following partners: ProfileXT and CliftonStrengths.

Customized Program Design Process

GLOBIS process involves multiple steps and phases as we design every program from scratch. We work with you to identify the best possible approach and reach a consensus before implementation. Once the program starts, we adjust the program based on the participants’ situation and learning progress.

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GLOBIS Capabilities

We are a leading corporate training provider in the segment of Leadership Development.

From Japan’s No. 1 MBA School

GLOBIS is recognized throughout Japan primarily for its top MBA programs. When you partner with us for your talent development you get the same cutting-edge content and immersive class experience from our group of top-class global faculty.

Learn more about GLOBIS MBA programs.

See our full list of global faculty.

Customized for Your Company

Each program is designed based on the company’s context (strategy, history, organizational culture, industry among others). We understand the complexity of training programs that include participants from various nationalities and backgrounds so we carefully select the best faculty with the relevant experience, leverage the latest digital technologies to make the learning experience as smooth as possible, and provide both English and Japanese instruction. Most importantly we make sure we identify the root issues and key needs to maximize the possibility that the investment made yields the expected results.

Kokorozashi (Personal Mission)

Every GLOBIS program encourages individuals to think about their personal mission in life, how it connects to their work, and what value to society can come from it. We ask thought provoking questions and foster an environment where participants learn from peers, and help discover their kokorozashi together. 

GLOBIS Unlimited
Business E-Learning

GLOBIS corporate education program participants have access to over 1,000 business e-learning videos. GLOBIS Unlimited is based on our MBA curriculum and features focused, practical content. This makes it easy for busy professionals to learn anytime, anywhere.  For  more in-depth  studies  we  offer  comprehensive  videos and seminars from professionals and leaders in a variety of global business fields.

Global Collaboration

GLOBIS has offices in Singapore, Thai, U.S., China and Europe allowing us to deliver programs in multiple time zones, and collaborate with the top business schools and corporate education trainers across the globe for creative and innovative solutions.

Our external partners include:

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